Attico: an enchanted time

May 25, 2017 by Secret Location

Viewing an Attico presentation underlines creative genius. Instead of verbal or written explanation, designers Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio create a space that speaks for itself, one that pulls you into their world. Italian for penthouse, walking into an Attico apartment/presentation/collection is like walking into an enchanted time. Every detail is cohesive with the next and results in a beautiful collaboration of product and space.

The SS17 apartment is clearly 60’s, based on layout and architecture. However, the modern furniture, palms, lilies and vintage ornaments form its modern aesthetic.  Somehow, items you wouldn’t imagine fit together perfectly, creating a space you wish was your own.

Slipping on one of Attico SS17 pieces you find yourself a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Not a collection of staples; a collection of standout pieces.  Inspired from classic peignoir and taking inspiration from around the world, Tordini and Ambrosio have created pieces they “would like to have in our dream closets.”  Based in Milan, the duo have consulted and worked with numerous brands.  Their notoriety – gained from many street style appearances – has been a great catalyst for the brand.  In a short time Attico has achieved world recognition, established by both its quality and design, and is carried globally by some of the greatest retailers.