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“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” - Deb Sofield

The world has undergone a metamorphosis this past year. Businesses have restructured their services to go fully virtual, students are settling into new methods of learning and, of course, families are celebrating special occasions with a twist - everything from socially distant photoshoot graduations to car parade weddings.

One thing is for certain, despite the hardships, we’ve seen amazing feats of human creativity.

Mother’s Day on May 9th is shaping up to be a memorable affair. This is a super special occasion to show some love to your mama bird, especially after the isolating year that just was.

With numerous restrictions still in place, we’re rounding up a few creative ways you can serenade your mom with some good old-fashioned love.


1. Keep It Simple With a Little Sentiment 

capturing memories via polaroid/smartphone


With the corporate cycle in full swing, it’s easy to get lost in a flurry of options. Our suggestion? Lean heavily on cherished memories. There’s nothing more powerful than nostalgia, especially at a time when we are unable to create new memories.

For instance, you can put together a compilation video of family photos, home videos, tributes from other family members, and top it off with her favorite music. This will take a little preparation but the reaction from your mom will be enough of a reward.

Not only will she appreciate the work that went into creating it, she’ll also be tremendously moved by your thoughtfulness. Your mom will definitely store this one in a special place on her laptop and revisit it again in the future.


2. Help Her Enliven Her Living Space

living room, interior furnishing


Your mom, like most of us, could be home-bound for the foreseeable future. What better gift than to make her home a vibrant, happy and stress-free atmosphere!

There are plenty of ways you can go about doing this. Send her home decor items or lifestyle enhancers. We’ve shortlisted our top 4 picks that are loved for their unique style and all-natural characteristics:


Sage Female Form Candle

A 100% organic candle that shows a little love to your mom and the planet. The aroma of sage is vivifying, making this candle a beautiful gesture of grace and beauty.

Deep Sea Aqua Soap

An oceanic soap that looks just like a precious stone. Your mom is sure to love the captivating blue hues enveloping a wealth of healing properties.

Flower Haze Ornament

This gift is so unique, no one else has an exact replica. These natural flowers have a twist. With accent lighting, they transform into a panorama of striking colors!

Mediterranean Home Spray

The tangy essence will transform your mom’s home into a calming Mediterranean countryside. Your mom will adore the poignant lingering aroma. 



3. Bring the Family Together (Virtually)

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Traditionally, the whole family might have trekked over to your mom’s house to party it up. This year doesn’t have to be any different - save for one minor twist!

Get the family together virtually and plan a themed surprise celebration. To turn it up to eleven, see if you can get in touch with your mom’s old acquaintances whom she hasn’t seen in ages - that’s sure to be a tear-jerker.

A couple of great ideas that you can use; get your dad or anyone who lives with your mom to decorate a party space in the house with themed colors and food, ask that other family members follow that same theme so as to make the entire mood one celebratory atmosphere.

Have a planned schedule for the party; think about family musical performances, trivia games, streaming your mom’s favorite movie, or getting an outside performer like a magician or a tarot card reader for that extra oomph.



4. Do a Doorstep Drop Off of Her Favorite Treats

mother's day care box


When all else is virtual, it’s nice to keep it a little personal - especially if you live close enough to your mom. A great way to do this is to put together a gift basket of her favorite goodies; think candy, snacks, a spa gift card, baked goods, and a bottle of wine.

It would be great if you could curate the basket yourself, but there are plenty of companies that will put together a beautiful gift set and will take care of the drop off as well.

Leave a heartfelt note with the basket. Something as simple as an, “I love you” will make it very memorable and make up for the distance. You could also add in a card with a collage of pictures of you and your mom over the years. There’s nothing more precious than a personalized note hidden among the goodies.



5. Give Her a Special Keepsake That She’ll Always Have On

diamond bracelet, redline


This year has been marked by many occasions that couldn’t be celebrated in person including birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Day.

To make this Mother’s Day ultra-special, think about a beautiful item that your mom can wear on her personally, to be reminded of how much she’s loved and cherished.

The Diamond Pave Bracelet is striking and subtle enough to be worn for every occasion. It is beautifully adorned with white gold and diamonds - and quite tastefully so.

Because of the versatility of this design, it’s a great choice, regardless of how specific your mom’s preference might be. She’s sure to be a big fan.



A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

You’d agree with us when we say that there shouldn’t be just one day in the year when you do something special for your mom. That being said, Mother’s Day is a great excuse to get the whole family together - especially since virtual avenues have made it very easy to do so.

It’s important to cherish sentiment and build an unforgettable experience for your mom based on the amazing memories you’ve already shared together.

Whether you choose to buy her a gorgeous vintage handbag to commemorate the occasion or serenade her with an intimate video tribute, remember, so long as you put some thought into it, you can’t go wrong. Your mom will be besotted by your adoration.


Happy Mother’s Day to the fabulous moms who made us the people we are today. Thank you, mom!

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