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“Dad’s are the most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of songs” - Pam Brown


Father’s Day on June 20th is around the corner. This is a red letter day - one that is dedicated to some of the hardest working people we know; our dearest dads! With COVID restrictions still in place, you might not be able to visit your dad in person, throw him a surprise party or wine and dine at a fancy restaurant.


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Traditionally, society has placed on fathers a myriad of roles; the breadwinner, the disciplinarian, the stoic shoulder to cry on. You'll know personally that he is a man with many hats - learning to take on new roles as life presents him with opportunities. Today, we’re re-defining those roles to give your dad a whole new look!

So if you don’t quite know what you’re getting your papa bird this year, don’t fret. It’s time to get creative! We’ve handpicked a curated selection of gift ideas that your dad will absolutely love.


Bird Hoodie in the big city,


Snap a Pic With the Nature Lover - Bird Hoodie (Grey)

This comfy hoodie is stylish and suave. If your dad leads an active lifestyle, loves road trips and never fails to point out a beautifully plumed bird, this is about to become his favorite item of clothing. 

3Paradis creates clothing that exudes strong themes of freedom through its dove motifs. This is the perfect wardrobe choice for outdoorsy dads who love to fish, barbecue in the backyard, play sports and get their daily dose of adrenaline. Nature loving never looked this stylish!




Show a Little Love to the Lumberjack - Ultra-Hydrating Jojoba Beard Oil

Chopping wood, wearing plaid, wielding power tools, and revving his pickup down acres and acres of lonely highway - does that sound like your dad? Now while all of this may seem like your stereotypical lumberjack, we’re kicking it up a notch.

If your dad can’t get enough of strenuous outdoor activity, but is also very conscious of his mane, the Ultra-Hydrating Jojoba Beard Oil is the perfect gift for him. This luxurious grooming product was made for the style-conscious macho man who is no stranger to a hand-saw or to self-care.

Refreshing all-botanical ingredients keeps his facial hair in superb shape - even Samson himself will turn green with envy!




Rock Out to the Rockstar Black Umbrella With Golden Skull Handle

A black umbrella - with a peculiar twist.

Does your dad have a penchant for the darker things in life - Rock music, motorcycling, watching horror flicks, and pushing the envelope with his edgy fashion? He’s about to be a huge fan of this sophisticated umbrella. Think Metallica meets the modish gent.

The golden skull knuckleduster handle is a big hit with daring dads who leave it all on the line. Every design of this umbrella is waiting to tell a unique tale - a tale of derring-do with a dashing hero. Your dad needs a trusty sidekick for his next adventure. This refined umbrella fits the bill.

This is such a unique Father’s Day gift, your dad will love the thought you put into it. Rest assured, you’ll earn yourself the title of ‘Best Gift Giver Ever’ with this modish accessory.




Say Hello to the Family Man - Men’s White T-Shirt

The family man is someone we all hold close to our hearts. He adores the simple pleasures of life, creating warm memories with his spouse and kids. He’s the guy who’s camera roll is full of blurry family selfies and has yet to forget a birthday.

This pristine white-t-shirt is perfect for your dad. The lightweight, breathable fabric lets him find his way around a broken doorknob or a dirty diaper without any restriction. Because of the timeless design, your dad will never be on the wrong side of fashion.

Who says a family man can’t be coiffed? Simply pair this t-shirt with chinos, jeans or lounge pants and he’ll become the most stylish dad on the block!



Tip Your Hat to the Polished Gent - Shoe Cleaning Set

A dying breed but one that deserves a lot of love. Ever the gentleman, your dad comes from an older school of men who still believe in opening doors and holding onto their exquisite manners. He has an extensive vocabulary that would make Shakespeare proud, and table etiquette that rivals that of royalty.

This Shoe Cleaning Set is for the old-fashioned gent living in a modern world. His cufflinks are always immaculately polished. It’s important to make sure that his shoes don’t fall too far behind!

Leather, vinyl, suede, canvas and more - your dad’s shoes will shine brighter than the sun and catch admiring glances from miles around. They say manners maketh the man, we also believe that gentlemen are modish men. 




Place Your Bets With theBetting Man - The Lucky Bag

He loves to take a chance on fate. At the blink of an eye, he’s onto his next adventure. Your dad is spontaneous, unpredictable and never turns his back on a good game of poker. Saturday afternoons will find him betting on his favorite team or bungee jumping with his buddies. Life is never dull with him around.

The perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad is the Lucky Bag. With these bags, all bets are off! The fun lies in the mystery of each box. They come with a range of unique, thought-provoking lifestyle accessories. If your dad loves to roll the dice, the Lucky Bag is right up his alley. Are you feeling Lucky, or Extremely Lucky?

From exclusive self-care books to intoxicating scents, this bag is a crowd favorite because it never fails to impress. Your dad is about to hit the jackpot this Father’s Day.


grass field, 

Happy Father’s Day!

We’re raising a glass to you and your dad this Father’s Day. He deserves the world and we’re on a mission to make sure he gets it.

No matter his personality type or style preference, these 6 gifts were made for 6 very different men who share one thing in common. In good times or bad, they are reliable, kind, compassionate and have served as our mentors through life. Without their sacrifices, we wouldn’t be the people we are today.

Happy Father’s Day, dad. We love you!

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