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Although less charming, this change to cooler temperatures causes less humidity in the air, and the shorter days means fewer alternatives to soak in vitamin-rich sunlight. However, the beautiful signs of fall are a sight I personally delight in. The hues of fall foliage signal autumns beginning, and that it's time to prepare ourselves for this upcoming change. This includes the one area of your physique that is most prone to the change, your skin. 

As the largest organ on your body, acting as a guard to harmful elements, our skin is fascinatingly-unique in its own way. But to ensure it's at its healthiest, we’ve gathered some ways you and your skin can effortlessly transition into the cooler seasons, alongside the natural world around us.


Back to Basics

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There are three main steps that are consistent with any skincare routine:

  • cleanse yourself of dirt & aged skin cells
  • toner to rehydrate and balance your skin's pH
  • moisturize to seal in hydration and protect the skin

The general intension of the majority is to aid the skin wherever possible to assist in any and all anti-aging efforts. However, by having a complicated skincare routine, you may be doing more harm than good. Ok, not harm, but your skin is not absorbing the plethora of costly products that you are applying to it. A change in season is the perfect time to simplify your skincare, and re-asses it’s needs.  

Don’t forget that your skin has different requirements for its morning and evening routines. The mornings: to protect, The evenings: to repair.  


Choose Your Core Products

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Once you’ve assessed the skin’s condition and necessities, you can identify what essentials it requires.  

Testers are a common practice in store, and for a particularly good reason. With enough trials throughout your discovery, you begin to notice which products are a flop or a feat.  However, with new Covid-19 regulations, you will discover there are fewer options to test.  

Have patience and understand how certain products react with your skin. Prioritize what you need and which products will get you there as efficiently as possible. These are the product to invest in, as fewer high quality products will have a more positive effect. 

In your search you will discover that there are many beneficial traits to choosing all-natural ingredients as your go-to products. The first and most important being that your skin is an organ and absorbs all products placed or applied to it - that includes chemicals.


Experiment with Different Methods

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In the words of William Edward Hickson, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again.

By placing more of an importance on a simplified high quality routine, it is very easy to understand if a product is having the desired effect or not. This understanding ensures your investments are paying off, and that your core routine is strong and performing. 

Once your core routine, or core products, have been selected, you can begin to dive into a much larger and broader categories of skincare products. From masks to eye-creams and serums, to tools, rollers, and devices. Not to make you feel overwhelmed, but learning which new skincare products and methods to incorporate into your current routine is part of the journey. Here, you’ll begin to expand your routine, depending on what you’d like to achieve or maintain.


Know That it’s Personal


No matter the amount of information or research you come across, know that it's personal. Everyone is different. Acknowledging what your skin type is and what it requires will help you hone in on which methods and products works best for you.

  • normal skin is neither too dry or oily 
  • dry skin appears rough and can feel tight or irritating.
  • oily skin has a sheen or greasy appearance - often prone to acne.
  • combination skin has a mixed of oily and dry 

It’s only natural that people react to different elements, differently. Creating your skincare routine is much like discovering more about yourself - each is unique to their own needs. In other words, no one shoe size fits all.

Keep elevating and improving on your regimen - as the natural world around us begins to change, not only should we adapt to prepare ourselves, but to embrace the natural transition that directly effects our well-being.


Discover below a few of Our Fall Essentials:

all natural beauty cleanser by African Botanics      
Baobab Clay Oxygenating Cleanser                                                             Marula Intense Skin Repair Balm
Absolute Anti Aging Lip Oil                                                                        Egyptian Magic Skin Cream
Pure Konjac Body Sponge                                                                        Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil

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