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A collection simplistic in design, but features Pietro's striking and compelling imagery.

Born in 1969, Sardinian by nature and Milanese by adoption, tattoo artist Pietro Sedda studied stage design at the Brera Academy and, at the age of thirty, after having explored the world as a visual artist and interior designer, he devoted himself to tattoo art in London and Urbino.

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In 2010 he came back to Milan and opened The Saint Mariner, where he poured all the aesthetic and cultural experiences gathered during his wandering.



He quickly became a point of reference for other tattoo artists for the freshness and modernity of his works, in constant development, the result of a steady reworking of what he sees and experiences day by day in Milan, and worldwide in the frequent exploratory travels that he captures with his camera, creating a new chapter of his biography.



An enquiring mind and an artist with a remarkable personality, he is always open to new professional challenges within the world that surrounds him. Since 2010 he collaborated with many fashion and design brands and took part in other side projects.



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