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From handbags to lollipops, we present the definitive holiday wish list for your extra special loved one.

DRESS House of Holland Spaceship Jacquard Fit and Flare Dress

TEACUP & SAUCER Richard Brendon Bone China Teacup & Saucer

BOOK Valentino Valentino Garavani

EARRINGS Yazbukey Lipstick Plexi Earrings

BAG Vintage Chanel Red Lambskin 9″

HAT Maison Michel Nick Access

HANDKERCHEIF Finamore Pochette

SWEATER Bekh Atelier Sweater Dress with Fringe

HAT Maison Michel Warren

SHIRT A.W.A.K.E. Plaid Shirt

SOCKS Avant Toi Cashmere Socks

SKIRT A.W.A.K.E. Tartan Pencil Skirt with Frill

HAT Super Duper Hats Dark Green Believer Lapin Fur Felt

CANDLE Lalique Vetiver Candle

TIE Bigi Moldava Tie

HEELS Giannico Picasso Bowl Mule

SNEAKERS Giannico Sneakers

FLATS Giannico Slippers

SUITCASE Globetrotter Cruise 30 Extra Deep Royal & Navy Suitcase

DRESS nuBekh Sequin Dress

BELTS Orciani Blue and White Canvas and Suede Belt and Lizard Embossed Leather Belt

LOLLIPOPS March Design Studio Jollypops

SOAPS My Happy Soap

NECKLACE Alison Lou Pop Champagne Necklace

NECKLACE Vanryke Angie Diamond Heart Necklace

BRACELET Vanryke Love Cutout Pendant Bracelet

BRACELET Vanryke Love Cutout Diamond Pendent Bracelet

SHOES Lathbridge Boogie Embroided Sneaker

BOWTIE Cor Sine Labe Doli Black with Gold Bowtie and Personalized Bowtie

EARRINGS Vintage Chanel Gold Leather Button Earrings

BAG Yazbukey ‘Executive Woman’ Present Bag

SHOES Giannico Lola Lace Heel

DRESS nuBekh Spaghetti Strap Velour Dress

HAT Super Duper Hats Pearl Fresco Felt Wool

TOP nuBekh Asymmetrical Tunic

CUFFS Northskull Net Cuff and In’N’Out Cuff

SHAVE OIL Refinery Shave Oil

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