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Introducing the latest collection from VFiles Yellow Label designed by streetwear maven Paul Cupo who looks into the lives of the up-and-coming millennials, ready to take on new challenges in their field of work. He understands pushing boundaries around workwear helps solve two problems; the need to fill the empty space were individuals can openly express themselves and to create that space without rules.

Secret Location design consultant wearing rainbow outfit VFiles




Streetwear is notoriously labelled as just hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers, and anything considered casual wear. Street-style however, has never been centred around guidelines or criteria, but instead thrive in the freedom-of-style that mixes gender, fabrics, and colours. A global youth of like minded people is how this New York based brand came to be. From a community of freethinkers that aren't afraid to be outspoken, fashionable, and creative. 


VFiles Logo Turtleneck
VFiles 'Forced Into This' sweater

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