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As summer is drawing to a close, our mentality immediately starts to shift to one of my personal favourites, the fall season!  And when temperatures drop, it's only natural we look for styling inspiration online. A valuable advice when transitioning into the colder season is to curate an essential collection of basics, clothes that you can feel confident wearing anytime of the year.

We've arranged our blog to help transition from summer to fall, giving you a sneak-peak of upcoming collections, as your source of early inspiration!


Sizeable Scarves & Turtlenecks

Little explanation is needed here. The tried & true by many fashion guru's.  Acknowledging scarves and turtlenecks as the wardrobe essentials they are.  Perfect for the colder season providing warmth, comfort, and style. Large scarves are a great way to mix-up styling options while turtlenecks are effortlessly layered over top or underneath a shirt or coat.




A classic yet on trend approach when styling this fall/winter season - blazers. Look for styles and hues that are bold, practical, and forward in terms of fashion. This balances out the dominant athleisure collections that are seen almost everywhere. It brings back a refinement to the outfits that can be effortlessly combined with sneakers, plain tees, and a relaxed attitude.




The influence of 80's fashion is undoubtedly back with a new wave of styling. Many designers and brands are opting to create collections that have corresponding outfits, sometimes from head-to-toe. Certainly this is not a look for everyone, however mixing & matching these with other items in your wardrobe will prove to make styling easier, as well as make use of your purchases from seasons prior. 

Dim Mak: Coming Soon

Alluring Accessories

There is no shortage of statement jewelry for this upcoming Fall season. It seems that the days of minimalistic-jewelry being the dominant accessory will have to make room for rhinestone covered belts and cascading-earrings that match the bold attitude of the modern stylist.

Alessandra Rich

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