3.PARADIS produces finely crafted clothing pieces influenced from philosophical ideals and popular culture. In a desire to combine intellectual ideas and concerns with the creation of art, a hybrid product is now communicated from the unlikely encounter of two paradoxical realities. Creative Director/Founder Emeric Tchatchoua brings a refreshing aesthetic with a modern interpretation of collaged silhouettes and fashion story telling explored from a unique realistic perspective.

Maria UN Hoodie 3 Paradis $475.00
Maria Birds Hoodie 3 Paradis $595.00
Paolo Birds Trousers 3 Paradis $595.00
Desiree Button Up Shirt 3 Paradis $580.00
Judy Trench Coat 3 Paradis $1,965.00
Tentacles T-Shirt 3 Paradis $141.00 $235.00
Stripe Track Pants 3 Paradis $324.00 $540.00
Hybrid Bomber Jacket Swarovski 3 Paradis $1,104.00 $1,840.00
Micro Side Messenger Bag 3 Paradis $303.00 $505.00
Paolo Plaid Money Trousers 3 Paradis $303.00 $505.00

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