Chabaux dresses a girl with multiple faces, both child and matured, deceptively retro, feminine and smart. The little world of Chabaux is cheerful and whimsical but, above all, resolutely singular. 

The Chabaux brand perfectly reflects the very eclectic personal universe of designer Marina Munoz. It draws its influences from all around it, the dynamics of sub-cultures, the web v.2.0 and the discovery of foreign cultures. Each jewel is imagined and handmade in our Parisian workshops.

The designer applies particular care to use only materials of the best quality.
We work with noble materials such as fine gilding, pearls and Swarovski crystals.
All our jewels are made in a limited edition of artisanal way in Paris and are the fruit of many know-how, like the beading. This technique is what differentiates Chabaux jewelry from the rest. 

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