As someone with an artistic background, Dawei Sun decided to move to Paris to pursue the path of fashion design. His inspiration comes from the bridge and connection between fashion and people. Having worked alongside John Galliano and Balenciaga and previously being the creative director of Cacharel, Dawei Sun acquired the understanding of how the industry really runs, as well as how to work in a fashion brand. It was also because of these experiences that opened his eyes to new shapes, styles, and aesthetics, which led him to start his eponymous label.

Striped Camisole Top Dawei $160.00 $320.00
Pink Strapless Bustier Dawei $310.00 $620.00
Beige Pinstripe Skirt Dawei $292.00 $585.00
Stripe Pants Dawei $292.00 $585.00
Green Blouse with Ruffle Cuff Dawei $292.00 $585.00
Pink Blouse with Ruffle Dawei $365.00 $730.00
Strapless Cat Dress Dawei $422.00 $845.00
Peach Pleated Coat Dawei $647.00 $1,295.00

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