Dim Mak

Over the past 20 years, Steve Aoki, DJ and music exec built a lifestyle through his dynamic , non-conformist, and rebellious sound. In 2014, Dim Mak Collection was launched to share Aoki’s vision and lifestyle with his fan legion – a fashion label for the uninhibited adrenaline junkies and lovers of the same punk skate culture Aoki thrived on as a youth in LA.
Nadya 2 Track Pants, pink Dim Mak $310.00
Rubber Jacket Dim Mak $480.00
Nadya 2 Track Pants, blue Dim Mak $310.00
Collage Print Hoodie Dim Mak $240.00
Dim Mak Sweat Shorts Dim Mak $150.00
Bruce Lee Fist T-shirt Dim Mak $130.00
Extreme Vetting T-Shirt Dim Mak $105.00 $150.00
Apollo Hoodie Dim Mak $626.00 $895.00

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