Extra Virgo

Creating elevated traditions through natural herbal experiences with superior quality, natural aromatics, and a universe of exquisite accessories and jewelry. Perfect for the holistic aficionados who embrace natural well-being of the highest level. The natural wellness sector embraces a new kind of benefit, utilizing dried herbs, hemp, and cannabis. Our quest for equilibrium and health is never-ending and is the fruit to achieve balance in oneself.

Alex produces his premium accessory creations using only the finest natural ingredients cultivated and manufactured on his farm - in the magical hills of Florence, Italy.

"As ancient as life itself and yet so modern. The many gifts of plants have, natural perfumes are a mysterious and secret language the could affect our sense and our perception." A sensual and rebellious approach to avant-garde wellness.

Premium herb grinders & tool spikes are for Pre-Order. Delivery will occur 6-8 weeks after the order is placed.

Bespoke monogram options are available for grinders. Contact us for more information.

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