Inspired by the military look and themes from the country side where he crossed paths with people and landscapes that influenced Creative Director, Koji Udo, to captivate the Factotum aesthetic. Udo’s designs can be distinguished by their bold prints, his admiration for denim, tie dyed fabrics and depth of layers upon layering. Combine these elements with a neutral colour palette, smokey smooth textures and masculine silhouettes & you have a modern day story from air to concept. Koji has a unique eye for intricate attention to detail and combines this with skillful tailoring techniques to put him on the map within the fashion world.

Established in 2004, Factotum has developed one of Tokyo’s most highly renowned fashion brands of today. Designer and creative director Koji Udo was born in Japan 1971, later in his life Mr Udo move to London to study and expand his reputation within the fashion industry. Factotum is a Tokyo based fashion label specializing in luxurious men’s ready to wear apparel.

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