After having inherited a wholesale trade of haberdashery-hosiery in Cluny, Stéphane Gerbe decides to found his own company and creates in 1904 the Gerbe establishments with the desire to sublimate the legs of women. Today, Maison Gerbe is proud to present you its innovations: Tights with a 24K gold threads finish.

Sublime Pantyhose Gerbe $10.00 $105.00
Tattoo Pantyhose, powder Gerbe $6.00 $60.00
Delice Pantyhose, choco Gerbe $8.00 $89.00
Tattoo Pantyhose, bronze Gerbe $6.00 $60.00
Tenderment Knee-High Socks Gerbe $8.00 $89.00
Delice Pantyhose, natural Gerbe $8.00 $89.00
Ethnic Colour Tights, opera Gerbe $5.00 $53.00

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