Logan Real

Born and raised in Miami, Logan Real is a self-taught artist who found his true passion during his final years of college at the University of Florida School of Business. What started as a way to express his emotions, quickly flourished into a career. His monogramming skills and custom painted artwork are coveted in the luxury leather goods industry. Logan has had the privilege to collaborate with many great designers/brands around the world and bringing his detailed artistry to the fashion world.

His ambitions are to build a luxury design house, REAL, where he incorporates his artist vision through many mediums like leather goods, apparel, interior design, and more.
Leather Mosaic Keychain, oxblood Logan Real $27.50 $55.00
Leather Tile Keychain, white Logan Real $40.00 $80.00
Leather Tile Keychain, red Logan Real $40.00 $80.00
Heart Charm Leather Bracelet, red Logan Real $54.00 $108.00

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