Maggie Marilyn

Ambitious and passionate; Maggie is determined to not only make clothes for living beautifully but to also make a change for good in an industry that itself is reflecting on constant speculation regarding its ethical and environmental footprint; considering a living wage and attention to the impact on the environment to be basic necessities of the fashion business.

She is not afraid to speak the truth. Her uniqueness is matched in her elegance and timelessness. A feminist, while openly vulnerable, she is an environmentalist, pays attention to detail and fights for the underdog. Obsessively passionate, she is an optimist, and believes in the power of possibility.

Always Here For You Pant Maggie Marilyn $297.00 $595.00
Dreaming Of You Singlet Maggie Marilyn $177.00 $355.00
Dreaming Of You Dress Maggie Marilyn $220.00 $440.00
Billie T-Shirt, guava pink Maggie Marilyn $117.00 $235.00
It's Not Warm When You're Away Dress Maggie Marilyn $410.00 $820.00
Destiny Is Calling Me - Skirt Maggie Marilyn $247.00 $495.00
Sing Me To Sleep - Pajama Pant Maggie Marilyn $312.00 $625.00
I Wish You Well - Top Maggie Marilyn $250.00 $500.00
Love Unconditionally, pant Maggie Marilyn $385.00 $770.00
Conquer Your Fears Puffer Jacket Maggie Marilyn $422.00 $845.00
Way Past Curfew Hoodie Maggie Marilyn $270.00 $540.00
Go Your Own Way, pant Maggie Marilyn $297.00 $595.00
Trust Your Instincts, coat Maggie Marilyn $577.00 $1,155.00

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