In order to overcome the water bottle epidemic, the founders realised that they needed to create an alternative that was more convenient, practical, and sustainable in design. It had to inspire people to move away from the single-use culture. An inspired and challenging journey began, initially most of the work being done at night while they still held day jobs. In a relatively short time the memobottle was born - a slim, reusable water bottle designed to fit in your bag. Leeworthy, a Product Design Engineer, realised that the shape of the conventional reusable water bottles was somewhat of an inconvenience, so he designed memobottle to be at and in the shape of the international paper sizes - A5, A6, A7. ”We had a brainstorm about the items that we carry in our bags and realised most of them are flat in shape. It didn’t make sense for our water bottles to be cylindrical”.

memobottle’s aim is to change the public perception on reusable water bottles and encourage a more reusable society by providing a stylish, practical reusable bottle solution.

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