Being able to interpret the latest fashion trends, in an original and refined dimension, MRZ aims at an independent woman with the vocation for everything contemporary and immediate. It introduces a contemporary proposal where sportswear elements meet femininity and tailoring, together with the unusual use of knit create the DNA of the brand. Quality. Details. Colours. Shapes. Made in Italy with an international key; the ability to speak in the present. This is MRZ. It was immediately welcomed enthusiastically by numerous buyers.

Pantalone Ampio Pants MRZ $453.00 $755.00
Raglan Pizzo Sweater MRZ $735.00 $1,225.00
Gonna Rigata Plisse Skirt MRZ $519.00 $865.00
Paricollo Corto Top MRZ $294.00 $490.00
Pantaloni Bachette Pants MRZ $552.00 $920.00
Trench Smanicato MRZ $1,482.00 $2,470.00

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