Nash and Jones

Loofah Vegetable Sponge

Size Guide

This exfoliating loofah sponge uses the naturally-derived vegetable fibres to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Soak the sponge with warm water to soften fibres and massage gently in small, circular motions to help expose the fresh, healthy skin underneath.


  • Natural exfoliation from loofah fibres.

  • Use 2-3 times a week for optimum benefits.

  • Easy to use terry cloth & elastic handle.

  • Packaging is made from recycled plastic. Can be recycled again.

  • Cruelty-free, responsibly harvested, and derived naturally.


  1. Rinse sponge under warm water to soften fibres.

  2. In a circular motion, gently massage cleanser on your skin using the sponge.

  3. Rinse thoroughly and apply toner, serum, or moisturizer to hydrate.


  • Carefully rinse the sponge and hang-dry between uses.

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