The name Olmaia comes from a special place in Tuscany. It was the source that sparked the concept of making unique swim shorts of the highest quality. The impeccable surroundings of this magical landscape and other world travels to different countries such as Indonesia, Italy and India are a constant inspiration to the designer. The vast array of cultural elements that take place in these places is communicated through the prints, essentially you are telling a story and taking a piece of the land with you wherever you may go to take a swim. The textures, colours and shapes of the landscape help build the characteristics of each print. Made from 100% Italian cotton and the latest water-specialized materials, allowing the utmost comfort and wearability. Olmaia buttons are created from sea shells that come from Malaysia, especially between the regions of Java and Bali. Each button has been carefully selected per short, no button is the same as they are all hand polished to reveal the unique grains and tones within the shell.

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