Sara Battaglia

Battaglia sister and Italian hand-bag designer, Sara Battaglia, grew up surrounded by a family of art and creativity: her sister a fashion editor at Vogue, younger brother a prop stylist, brother an art dealer and her mother a sculptor. With inspiration from high art, pop culture and her creative family, Sara brings unique shapes and merges them with symphonies of colour blends.

Often spotted on the arms of fashion A-listers Miroslava Duma and Anna Dello Russo, Sara’s bags have become a highly coveted must-have accessory. Limitless in inspirations and designs, Sara Battaglia always reflects femininity with a refined yet seductive statement.

Ladyme Sbang Clutch Sara Battaglia $790.00 $1,975.00
Ladyme Sbang Bag Sara Battaglia $792.00 $1,980.00

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