Seem Soap Studio

Inspired by nature and precious stones, artist Mathilde Lehmann looked to capture that same essence to create a different sensory experience by bringing art and beauty back into everyday life. Enter Seem Soap Studio - a design and creation studio brand based in Paris, founded in 2015.

A non-conforming approach to everyday soaps while staying true to the beauty of geometric designs and a dreamy colour palette decor. Its distinct design is both ergonomic and delightful - changing in shape and design through constant use. The gentle ingredients and fragrance leave your skin soft and supple.

From inception to creation, Seem Soap Studios' commitment to the environment is unwavering. The products are made from a vegetable soap-base, made from natural ingredients, free of parabens, and surfactants. The hues utilized are natural and the fragrances are allergen-free. All soaps are beautifully handmade in Paris.

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