Sigil Scent

Sigils are shorthand for one’s whole essence, imbued with special energy and intensity.

A sigil is a magical symbol or seal created to represent inherent mystical forces, a set of ideals, or to serve as a physical focus through which to stimulate the imagination and achieve a specific state of mind. 

Founded in 2015 by Patrick Kelly, inspired by his love of nature, Patrick developed a line of premium fragrances that are long-wearing, nuanced, and 100% natural. Utilizing a combination of handmade tinctures, essential oils, and absolutes, Sigil perfumes are hand blended to evoke the natural world that surrounds us. The result is singular eau de parfums that unite the sensorial with the intangible. 

We formulate, create, charge, and release our alchemy-inspired fragrances as olfactory sigils.

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