Gifts to Decorate

Discover a curated selection of quality homewares, ones that bring a slew of vibrant and refined designs. From elegant centerpieces dripping in gold to naturally scented candles & incense, each one made sustainably with adoration.
Teapot Grandpa Pols Potten $160.00
Taper Candles, harvest gold Secret Location $15.00
Taper Candles, terracotta Secret Location $15.00
Gold Money Box (Teddy Bear) Pols Potten $125.00
Audrey A3 The Stanley Chow Print Shop $65.00
Stevie A3 Portraiture - Key of Life The Stanley Chow Print Shop $65.00
Teapot Tattoo Pols Potten $160.00
Tattoo Cups (Set of 4) Pols Potten $105.00

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