A Milan based female clothing brand, SSheena advocates a new, contemporary way of being a woman in a restless time made by exaggerated visual imageries of the female identity, as it was in the New York of the Ramones when Sheena is a punk rocker used to represent the only possible identity for any cool girl in the city. Pushing the boundaries between art and fashion, SSHEENA is the suggestion of an aesthetic mood shaped by the darker era of Expressionism, the vibrant lines of Futurism and the most controversial pop inspirations. A fleeting feminine version, however daring, however androgynous, solely and exclusively influential without showing off: break away, dress SSHEENA.
Ribbed Ankle Socks, blue SSHEENA $95.00
Tonal Leather Belt SSHEENA $265.00
Ribbed Sleeveless Top SSHEENA $385.00
Tarra Drape Shirt SSHEENA $425.00
Jane Denim Shirt SSHEENA $740.00
Jared Denim Skirt SSHEENA $660.00
Pleated Floral Skirt SSHEENA $780.00
Woodland Top Blouse SSHEENA $720.00
Asymmetric Blazer SSHEENA $1,435.00
Single Sleeve Scarf, dark blue SSHEENA $366.00 $610.00
Single Sleeve Scarf, black SSHEENA $366.00 $610.00
Tie-Dye Short Sleeve Top SSHEENA $192.00 $320.00
Second Skin Turtleneck SSHEENA $306.00 $510.00
Single Pocket Sweater, light blue SSHEENA $417.00 $695.00
Black Line Grey Denim SSHEENA $366.00 $610.00
Multicolour Pleated Skirt SSHEENA $393.00 $655.00
Tie-Dye Blouse SSHEENA $441.00 $735.00
Long Sleeve Wrap Dress SSHEENA $657.00 $1,095.00
Herringbone Coat SSHEENA $1,143.00 $1,905.00
Monkey Pleated Skirt SSHEENA $402.00 $670.00
Monkey Blouse SSHEENA $450.00 $750.00
Two Tone Wrap Dress SSHEENA $624.00 $1,040.00
Striped Trousers SSHEENA $438.00 $730.00
Mint Gathered Skirt SSHEENA $426.00 $710.00

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