SuperDuper Hats

Each SuperDuper Hat is result of a traditional process, almost completely lost in the chaos of modern-day mass production. The SuperDuper brand was born from a fun-loving passion after the discovery of a unique wooden hat blocker and its carefully carved beauty.

A hat only becomes SuperDuper if designers Matteo Gioli, Ilaria and Veronica Cornacchini are truly satisfied with the final result – treating it as thought they are the first ones to wear it. Completely handmade, SuperDuper hats are born from many hours spent to transform high quality raw material into an authentic artisan product. 

Lifestyle brand SuperDuper now creates ready to wear under the SuperDuper Hatters Crew label. 

Flip Lapin Fur Felt, indigo SuperDuper Hats $257.00 $515.00
Swamp Papier, light grey SuperDuper Hats $300.00 $600.00
Muddy Papier Blackstone SuperDuper Hats $300.00 $600.00
Hurricane Hat SuperDuper Hats $302.00 $605.00
Hobo Hat SuperDuper Hats $270.00 $540.00
Harmonium Fedora Hat SuperDuper Hats $217.00 $435.00
Tondo Lapin SuperDuper Hats $265.00 $530.00
Over Boater Papier SuperDuper Hats $232.00 $465.00
Topknot Hat SuperDuper Hats $172.00 $345.00

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