TASCHEN strives to publish fabulous and innovative books and to make them available at reasonable prices to everyone around the world. They don't follow trends, they create them.

TASCHEN, the world’s largest publisher of art books, is a carbon neutral company with their newly formed partnership. The Instituto Terra was founded in 1998 at Aimorés in the state of Minas Gerais on land belonging to the Salgado family. Lélia and Sebastião Salgado decided to reforest the entire area with the species that once flourished there. Since then, an almost miraculous transformation has taken place.

Decorative Art 1960s Taschen $55.00
Decorative Art 1950s Taschen $55.00
Dalí. Tarot Taschen $80.00
Peter Beard Taschen $200.00
Warhol Taschen $25.00
Pop Art Taschen $25.00
Klimt Taschen $25.00
Dalí Taschen $25.00
Basquiat Taschen $25.00
Le Corbusier Taschen $25.00
Monet Taschen $25.00
Kandinsky Taschen $25.00
Eames Taschen $25.00
Rockwell Taschen $25.00
Kahlo Taschen $25.00
Magritte Taschen $25.00
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