UME Collection

UME was created in 2011 by Emma Leafe throughout her own healing experiences and after several influential journeys: exploring temples, exquisite tea houses and sacred power places across the globe. Drawn toward the sacred arts in each place - and being captivated by the raw scents which perfumed these explorations, she began to experience first-hand how fragrance was key in unlocking doors in the mind. From this she discovered the lost art of incense making and began to explore the deeper rituals that surround it.

London-based creators UME designs a range of products to inspire your daily rituals. We produce premium grade natural incense sticks, handmade incense burners & pure botanical atmosphere mists that aim to reconnect you with your essence.
Committed to using only the finest raw aromatic plant materials in our natural fragrances and the highest quality Japanese inspired stoneware clays for our handmade incense burners.

Everything we produce, we do it with absolute love and passion for the Earth. In awe of what nature provides we are aligning with the positive shift that is happening to restore this planet back to health. We don't sometimes shout about it, but these principles are standard to us. 

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