Wa Moga 29

Thanks to our hygiene protocols, we are able to safely deliver flowers & gifts to your loved ones. Send flowers to gift a friend in need, or send a loving message from afar.



The oil is premium-grade silicone and the clarity of this superior oil preserves the vibrancy of flower colours and ensures greater longevity for your herbarium. Depending on the flower species you choose, your herbarium may last between six months and a year. 

WA MOGA 29 is a collective of artists and craftspeople who share an aesthetic of refined minimalism and a passion for form and function. Together, they design and create a curated selection of modern Japanese artisanal goods. 

Its founder, Reiko Katayama, was born and raised in Japan but spent half her life in the West working in the design industry where she brought together Japanese design philosophy and contemporary aesthetics.

For Reiko, the number 29 simply means, “Trust in yourself.” With WA MOGA 29, she has brought together a community of people who trust in their own creative spirit. She continues to tell her story through each and every handcrafted piece she makes.

Each herbarium is assembled by hand in Vancouver, BC, using internationally sourced dried and preserved flowers carefully selected for each bottle. 


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