Women's Jewelry

Reverse Teardrop Earring Ellen Conde $260.00
Circle Dangle Earrings Ellen Conde $245.00
Headpiece, Single Crystal Ellen Conde $275.00
Crystal Reversible Choker Ellen Conde $425.00
Pearl Choker Ellen Conde $315.00
Dangle Earring, maxi Ellen Conde $260.00
Dangle Earring, mini Ellen Conde $165.00
Headpiece, Double Crystal Ellen Conde $425.00
Birth of Venus Earring Studs Apples & Figs $430.00
Pearl Goddess Earrings Apples & Figs $390.00
White Stud Earrings Alessandra Rich $165.00
Large Crystal and Green Earrings Alessandra Rich $665.00
Seahorse Earrings Alessandra Rich $570.00
Crystal Green Earrings Alessandra Rich $550.00
Calla Lily Brass Ear Cuff EK Thongprasert $220.00
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